in my white tee

wadae adsen
for the longest time i've been on the hunt for the perfect short sleeve crew neck t-shirt.
not too thick, not too sheer. not a cap sleeve, or rolled up, or oversized. not boat neck or v neck. not cropped, not long. no pockets, no logos, no embellishments. not heather white, not textured white, not off white or cream. just a plain, white t-shirt.

recently, the olsen sisters started stylemint - a tshirt revolution, where the twins would design and style a new tshirt each month, retailing at $29.99. it's a great deal compared to their tees at The Row, but as i was perusing the site, i still didn't see anything close to the most basic of all basic tshirt i was looking for.

one day, i walked into Target and it dawned on me: THE BOYS SECTION. back in the day, sophia and i used to buy those packs of hanes/fruit of the loom t shirt packs and wore them with our CK jeans. they were cheap and fit so well. so i darted straight to the t shirt shelves and found me a Cherokee shirt (size medium). for $4.99. (right now they're on sale online for $2.48!!!) i tried it on and fell in love.

every girl needs a white t-shirt in her wardrobe. yes, it's simple. simple, and classic. pair it with some washed denim, a maxi skirt, leather leggings, or in my case today -- tucked into silk wide leg trousers, with the sleeves rolled up. 

tshirt: target. pants: zara. coffee: la colombe
dree hemingway in jil sander
freja as terry richardson
kate lanphear
emanuelle alt

agyness deyn as james dean, shot by james franco
liya kadebe in the jil sander ensemble
stylemint tshirt by mk & ash olsen
when in doubt, K.I.S.S. 
keep it simple, sweetheart.
wadae adsen

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